Background information
Introduced In "Escape From Camp Lakebottom"
Latest Appearance "TBA"


Voice Melissa Altro[1]
Age 13
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Gretchen
Other names
Gender Female
Age Occupation Camper
Affiliations Good
Allies McGee
Enemies Buttsquat
Likes Having fun with her friends (especially Sawyer), flowers, tiaras, Camp Lakebottom (currently), messing with Buttsquat
Dislikes Suzi's and Buttsquat's bullying, Camp Lakebottom (formerly), Camp Sunny Smiles, McGee's bossines and selfishness, chipmunks, Buttsquat, unfriendliness

Gretchen is one of the main protagonist of Camp Lakebottom. Even though McGee and Squirt are her closest friends, her nemesis is McGee's sister, Suzi.


Personality Edit

Gretchen is everything but sugary sweet. She's a teenage girl with a side of Kung-Fu to boot. She is the steady center of the group, most times the voice of reason. When things get a little scary, she can be counted on for her expert fighting skills and getting the gang out of sticky situations. Though this tough girl isn't without her hang ups.[2]

History Edit

Gretchen's nemesis is McGee's sister, Suzi! After being runner up at a beauty pageant, Gretchen has held a grudge against her. With her Achilles heel being the pageant crown she lost to her, though she would never ever, ever admit she was upset about losing the pageant, who would be upset over something so girly?

Appearance Edit

Gretchen is a tall girl with her black hair which wore in pigtails with red scrunchies, black skeleton earrings, black eyes, white skin, a red shirt, dark red sleeves, white and grey striped skirt, black and blue striped leggings and brown sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • As revealed in the episode "Cheeks of Dread," Gretchen is Chipmunkaphobia or Tamiasphobia it means that she is afraid of chipmunks.
  • in the episode "Slimey Come Home". it is revealed that Gretchen is very ticklish.
  • It's been proven over and over again that she is the most athletic of the group. In the show, it shows she's silled in Martial Arts, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer.
  • In the episode "Itchy Witchy Pizza Project", she was revealed to be "hangry".

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